My Journey: Need Help!

April • I love kids, love to dance. I can`t wait to have a kid.

Me and my husband have been TTC for like 9 mouths now. No luck, but I have been sleepin lot. And if u know me that is odd cuz I never sleep. Then everyday my head been hurting and I have been feeling funny like not like myself, and I have had one misscarry but when I was pero for 3 mouths I did not feel like this. But I know I am not sick. But I had my period and it was a little odd l. Like the 1st 2 days it was real light, the next 3 it was havey (mine are use bad), that is 5 days and mine is never more then 5 days but this one I had 2 more days of light blood. And I dont know what to think. Like the app say that if I had one period there is still a 10.9 I am but I dont want to be happy yet. When I 1st got it, it always say .1 Cuz I dont know what to think.