Rebuilding trust

Okay been w my guy for 2 years now ... I thought everything was fine we've moved in so quick 2013 I've never been the type to be snoopy so I never went thru his phone the first year... in the begging of 2014 I went thru his phone just for the hell of it and saw someone w the similar name as me I click on the messages and it had said something like 'can i go over' (hin sending her that ) she would call him baby n those kind of nickname I went all crazy on him and we argued we eventually got thru it bcs I found out I was pregnant. .. a couple months later I again went thru his found and found the "Kik" app (messaging) app n saw that he had girls sending him pictures I never said anything cs I was pregnant and didn't want to stress .. now I'm 6 months pregnant and I found 2 movie tickets it was a movie I never saw and the time was so early the time for the movie was 530 time he should be at work.... I still didn't say anything .. now my baby is born (October ) ..2 months go by (December) and I found just always texting I went thru his phone again and saw that he was texting a girl "send me naked pictures" i freaked out told him he lost his family w that that I wanted to leave him he beg and beg me he told me that's an old friend and that's how they have always played around w each other the next day he just left his phone and I went thru once again I saw some old messages from 2013 (when we first moved in) him texting other girls calling them Beautiful flirting w girls telling them if they wanted to go go to the movies ... some messages were from 2013 some from 2014 I couldn't really see cause I knew he was looking at me .. anyways my issue w him is that we have a great relationship as some people may see but I know he is hiding stuff from I know he flirts w other girls I have YET to see w my own eyes him cheat on me but I always called him out from the last 2 he begs and begs ne telling me he does not want to loose his family. but the problem him is he's not willing to let go of the other girls he likes the attention he gets from them idk what to do idk if I can even trust him again after just seeing all those messages