Low amniotic fluid and annoyed

E • 29 year old first time mum - edd 26 March.
Hi girls, thought I'd tell you what happened today in the hope that some of you might have some wise words or any advice.
On Wednesday night I was very unwell, lots of abdominal pain, kinda like a constant Braxton Hicks that wouldn't stop, I was shaking like a leaf and felt like I was about to throw up, could barely speak or move. Hubby called the maternity ward and they said bring me in to L&D to get checked.
The check went well, after a while the pain died down a bit. They hooked me up to the CTG machine that checks baby and she was doing great. They also gave me the test to see if I was going into preterm labour and it came back negative. But when they measured my abdomen it was only 26 cm (it had measured 32 last Friday). So they said come back for a growth US Friday am.
I wasn't overly concerned although I did suddenly think "oh yea I did notice my tummy was looking way flatter the past couple days and I was weighing less". But still not worried, and I was excited about seeing my baby again since I hadn't had a scan since 20 weeks.
The scan went super fast; baby's growth is great, she's weighing 1.9 kg (4 lbs 4 oz I think? Not sure) which they say is average and most of her measurements were slightly above average apart from her femur length which is below. But the tech says "your fluid is low, I'll have a midwife talk to you"
I then spent ages getting a variety of stuff done, had another 1 hour CTG session on the monitor, had a test to check if my water had broken (result negative), they took my blood and gave me a shot of steroid. All of this with very little discussion. And then they said come back Monday am and from now on I'll be coming twice weekly for scans and doing 1 hour on the CTG machine as well. 
Then I got home and starting doing research a little. So first:
- they weren't kidding about my fluid being low; it's 3.9 cm at 32 weeks which is really no bueno from what I can tell
- I think it's a little effed up they didn't even ask for my opinion on the steroid shot or tell me anything about it. I knew from my books it was to help baby's lungs mature but they didn't say why. And after researching I found that it's only useful if she's born 48 hours after it minimum and 7 days max. If they suspect I'm gonna give birth within a week they might have said something, right? And there is a study online that links steroid shots with adhd later on. Not too worried but still, don't appreciate how they handled it.
- forgot to say baby is breech now, which is weird as she's been head down continuously since 25 weeks and was head down when I was admitted Wednesday night.
Anyone has any word of advice? From what I've read the thing is mostly to rest and drink tons. I drank 2.5 L of water today (10 glasses). They didn't even tell me to do that, just sent me on my merry way home. I have to come back tomorrow for my second shot of steroids in the butt, yay...
Sorry for the long rant but I had to vent a little! Let me know if you guys have any experience/knowledge on this or just any sort of common sense advice! Thanks!