Just having a hard day

I've had miscarriages in the past and am pregnant now, a few days longer then I ever have been at 7 weeks. My insurance starts on Monday so today I tried calling doctors trying to make an appointment only for the places in-network that were listed to tell me they don't do ob stuff and transfer me to somewhere that does but won't take my insurance for some reason. I've told so many strangers I'm pregnant over the phone today only for them to say "sorry we can't see you". It's so frustrating. I cried at work over it.  I'm so terrified about losing this baby to that I want to be seen as soon as possible. My so just tells me to think positive and I just have this huge weight on my shoulders. I even tried to call my insurance company- they gave me the same list of people I had already called that told me no. I'm not sure what to do anymore besides start the whole process over on Monday. Any advice? Anyone know how insurance works and able to help me?