Puppy or baby?


Okay so. I want a baby. I'm doing everything I can to be prepared such as taking prenatals, working out, eating healthy, logging anything that happens to my body ect cause I want a healthy baby and body whenever I get pregnant.

WELL my husband wants to have a baby too but not as much as me. He's very non-chalant about it. He's like "if it happens it happens" and he doesn't understand why I am taking all these precautions. He says "it's not like we're some 40 year olds trying to get pregnant. We're young we're okay." And all of that infuriates me. It's like he doesn't care!

But when it comes to buying a damn puppy he's all doing research and excitingly talking about getting a puppy soon and what kind be wants blah blah blah ect. He never talks about ttc only when I bring it up but then he says something stupid like "you're so goofy babe" and laughs it off. Ugh. I'm so annoyed with him.

*end rant*