Miscarriages... Help...


Hi. I am 23 (today actually) and I've had two miscarriages... One at nineteen (not planed) I was 14 weeks and four days, with this one I did not know until it was too late. My second one was in November... I was six weeks and a day.

I was told by my doctor that my "girly parts" were perfectly normal, but he had weird news for me... My doctor told me that I have a form of PTSD that causes me to have pain while having sex, but that the pain is literally all in my head. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this PTSD thing could make it so I lose my babies? I have given up on the idea of having my own baby, but I don't want to! I miss my babies more and more everyday, and I just want to hold one of them... There's no way for me to describe to you how much I miss them with just words, I do, but I even named them to try and make it easier on me. Any help or comment is encouraged!