Maybe I'm Wrong....opinions, please

M • preggo by day | IT specialist by night | 25 & taken
Ok, let me start this post of with "I do not beleive cheating is right or okay."
But, here's where I stand on cheating. The other woman or the other man is not the person at fault. We are all entitled to chase our own happiness. Everyone is looking for our "soul mate." I 100% blame the cheating partner. S/he cheated. The mister/ess was just looking for a relationship. 
When my fiancé cheated on me, I blamed him. Not the women. Yes, they knew about me, but HE was their perfect date. HE made himself desirable. HE crossed the line. HE got into bed with them. HE didn't rape them, HE made the choice to disrespect our relationship. HE made the choice to open himself up to the dating world.
Just my thoughts. Anyone else think differently?