Am I pregnant?

I'm 22 & has always had regular periods . I'm 13 days late today. Had negative blood test at 4 days late. Took urine test today still negative. Had sex jan 8,9,12,16th. Withdrawal method. Last period was December 19-24. Spotted for a few hours on jan 15. And have had some brown spotting for two days this week. Never enough to fill a panty liner only visible when I wipe. It has completely gone away now. Was that my period? I've never been pregnant so idk how it feels but I know I don't feel like myself. Nausea, random hiccups , lower back pain, headaches, and fatigue. I read some things on Google that said some hcg levels multiply slower than others and it may not register yet. But if that's the case why am I having symptoms? I would think the high hcg levels would be the cause. Ugh. I'm so impatient I'm tired of waiting to see what happens, I just want to know 😩 noooow