9 weeks today!

Britney • Isaiah William 9/9/15! ♡♡

So today I hit 9 weeks. I am actually showing a little tiny bit but not enough for people to know. There's a slight bump that I can feel and see and so can my hubby. (If you look close enough).

I'm not sure who is at 9 weeks yet due to a lot of you had US that made your due date a little later but it's all good. However I feel like I've been lucky so far. Boobs are definitely bigger, I haven't thrown up yet, and nausea has seem to subside a little. I knock on wood as I say that... haha

I have an ultrasound on Tuesday to hear the heartbeat and see our baby. It's at 9:20 am and I couldn't be more excited. Our first US was very early and we could only see the yolk sac and a dot on the screen where the doc said was the baby but couldn't get a good enough picture for it be printed out for us.

I'm probably going to cry.. haha