Somebody calm me down maybe tmi

So I have been doing a fantastic job of staying relaxed during this tww. Until today! I really do not want to test until I have a late period, because last month I tested too early freaked out and tested three times before the bfn sunk in. My hubby and I also took a more casual approach to bding this cycle and only ended up hitting the day before my fertile window, the first day, and the day before ovulation. I was thinking that probably wasn't enough. I'm now 8dpo. AF due on the 10th. Aside from sore boobs, which is super common for me anyway, I have no symptoms of anything. But I just went to the bathroom and had some tan cm. Like a very light brown, just a bit.
But now my pregnancy alarms are going off, what was that color about?! Is it implantation?! Omg! I will wait to test I will wait to test. I. Will. Wait. To. Test.
I will not create imaginary symptoms. I will not look up a list if pregnancy symptoms. I will not go to a pregnancy calculator for a fantasy due date. I will not go crazy. 
I feel better even after writing that out. But ladies, remind me why I should wait, and why tan cm is probably nothing! Or is it something? Argh!