Something wrong? I'm not hungry, not nauseous - 6weeks

Hi. I'm confused. I'm 6 weeks now. At 4 -5 weeks, right around when I found out I was pregnant, my breast hurt so bad, I was exhausted and yet still waking up at night, queezy, cramping with occasion sharp pains. with nasty headaches. One night, I put an ice pack on my head and chest. The next morning nearly all my symptoms were gone. 
Now, my chest is only a little sore with pressure, I might feel a little dizzy/queezy for a split second, and my headaches are pretty much gone. It's been like this for about 4 days now. I haven't had any bleeding and I can't get to the doctor for another week and a half. Could there be something wrong? 
I know everyone keeps saying symptoms come and go, but anyone have something like that happen and it go south?