Mother-in-law problems..aah!!!

Maria • I`m happily married, & I am a new mommy to a beautiful baby boy & with my new little girl. My life is now complete 💚💜
Don't get me wrong I like my mother in law. Since we live with my husbands parents, I told her I was pregnant and to not tell anybody else. Today I had a ultrasound and they told me that so far its going good but it's still to early to see anything but a little sac. Well I told my mother in law that far so good & now she wants to tell everyone that I'm pregnant, I told her I wanted to wait until I'm at least 12 weeks to tell everybody and she said No I'm going to tell the family, I got mad & I told my husband about it. He agreed with me. Do you ladies think I did the right thing or should I have just let her tell people about my pregnancy? 
Sorry if it's long, but I would like your opinion on this. Thank you