Hello everyone, I've been wondering this for a while and now I'm just really confused. 
About a month ago, Jan 4, I had a miscarriage, at almost 6 weeks pregnant. I bled for a week and a week later, me and my husband tried again for the first time. The very next day I started feeling the same symptoms in the early stage of my last pregnancy; lightheadedness, mood swings, slight nausea, sore, full breasts and extreme fatigue. It continued that way for about two more weeks, then I started feeling better, but my breasts were still tender and ful. Oh and I also had two pregnancy tests in the second week, a urine test and a blood test. Both negative. The third week I had two home tests and both were negative. Yesterday, 3.5 weeks after the symptoms started (breasts still sore and full, and some tiredness) I started bleeding, like I do with regular periods. So now I'm really confused and don't know what to think anymore. What could all this mean?