Catching your kid

OK.... I saw the post about what would you do if you "caught" your kid masturbating. I saw a comment in there from a mother saying that her three year old daughter told her she masturbates (just didn't use that word) and the mom explained to her daughter when the appropriate place/time to do it was (in her bedroom alone) and finished her comment with "no big deal".

I'm sorry, how the hell are you OK with your three year old daughter masturbating???? THREE. That makes no sense to me. Yes, I'm posting anon because honestly I couldn't think of any words to respond to your comment with without losing it.

Telling your daughter at three that its OK to masturbate and instructing her the appropriate time and place.... I'm sorry but that's too young.

I could understand if she were older, but feel like that is allowing and exposing then to sexual things WAY too young. There is no way she is mentally prepared or mature enough for that.

Wtf is wrong with some parents?! How can you be OK with that!! You guys can beat me up all you want and say "oh its not your call and she may be mature and advanced for her age and its not a problem".... But that's just wrong.