Feel like a wimp or baby

Michaela • Breast feeding mommy to a beautiful little girl ! Kinslee Marie ❤️
So I work at a daycare full time (even though I requested only 30 hours most) and I am in a toddler class room with 8-9 toddlers at a time. I am extremely tired all the time and have been getting headaches. I almost passed out at work today and that was after eating well and being well hydrated. I also have had some crazy back aches and some slight hip pains. My SO says I call my dr about everything but today i was even experiencing first Braxton hicks contractions and a lot of pressure in my vagina area. I am 22 weeks and idk if I am pushing myself to hard or if lifting these 25-35lb children on the changing table is causing them or if I'm not getting enough breaks or maybe I'm just being a baby. Ugh idk just venting I guess.