Potty training help 15 month old

Ashley • Mommy to a sweet little man!
Please note that I am aware that his age is rather young for potty training. The only reason we have decided to give it a shot so young is that he refuses to be diapered (takes 5 minutes just to throw one on him because of the kicking, screaming, ect.) and takes his diaper off after going in it. 
After about 5 days of letting him stay naked and taking him to the potty regularly, he was having very few accidents, signing potty, saying "uh oh" after he had accidents, and even trying to clean them up. We took him out with nothing under his pants and he did not have a single accident both times and went potty on the public potty. One day, however, I somehow slept in until 4:30 (I am narcoleptic but have not ever slept so late and through his cries like this before). He was obviously cranky and upset and that day didn't have a single success in the potty and did not have one the day after, either. He also refuses to sit on the potty most of the time where he hadn't minded at all before. Should I just go ahead and stop and try again in a few months? Or should I keep encouraging it and see if his schedule returns back to normal and he accepts the potty again? I do not want to push him but I also hate to confuse him by stopping when he was making a lot of progress. Please post your opinion. Thank you!