Best Health Insurance News Ever!

Taylor • Married. Brooks born 8/2015. Baby Eleanora Quinn due May 2018. 💞
I called today to figure out what I was going to have to go through as far as coverage and obtaining a breast pump. I'll be 18w Friday, but like to have an idea of what steps I'll have to take in several months! I found out, since I hit a $250 deductible, for genetic testing before, that pregnancy is covered at 100% from here on out, and that includes my breast pump. They cover the Medela Electric Double Pump (which is the one I wanted!!) and to make it even better, they deliver it to my hospital room when I give birth. We were definitely expecting some sort of a hospital bill, whether it be small or large, for L&D, so I'm ecstatic we don't even have to worry about that now! So thankful for having great health insurance through my husbands company, allowing us to use the top doctors, and it's especially amazing that his company pays for 75% of it, so we only pay $82/month for great health, dental and vision benefits.
I also found out that at my Anatomy scan next Monday, they want me to bring a blank DVD, so that they can record the ultrasound for us!! Super awesome. 
Definitely all news I wanted to get today, considering I've been feeling like garbage lately, and so exhausted!!!