Im considering names for my rainbow baby.

Juanita👼👼👶👫💙👣 • 2 miscarriages under my belt and on my heart. Currently 39 weeks pregnant. God is good!
After a devastating miscarriage with my first baby in august 2014, nearly 7 months later a week from the day my precious angel was due I find out I'm pregnant again. Faint lines for right now but I know God is going to bless me with my baby this time and I'm preparing every way I know how. So for names, if its a boy I have to follow tradition with my so and do Arthur Louis IIII but he says I can choose the girl name. Who thinks Raina Michelle is as beautiful as I do? I had a friend who's middle name was Michelle pass away a couple years back and I've wanted to honor her in that way. And I just love Raina! Opinions??