Having fun or what??

Yanelle • Yanelle significa Dios es misericordioso y soy de la isla del encanto, Puerto Rico.
I'm 19 and still getting over my ex, my personal trainer is 30, is having a baby and he says that his baby mama is just like a surrogate but is trying to make things work with her. We text and talk every other day and in the gym (obvious) all in a flirty way. He is really sexy and I drive him crazy. The only thing that stop me from doing more than just flirt is the baby mama/ surrogate thing. I don't wanna be the lover. I really think this is just a game and I like that because I know I'm not ready for a serious relationship and he wouldn't be the one. But I don't like it because I feel that I do it just to not feel alone now that my ex already has another. What do you think?? Should I gave myself the opportunity to have a fun time?