Family Feuds HELP please, don't know what to do.

I'm stuck & don't know what to do or how to handle the situation. Sorry it's long. 
Long story short, my life growing up was not so hot. My dad was physically (hitting), mentally, emotionally, verbally abusive. He doesnt think so & has a different recollection of events. My sister... Was a terrible sister all my life. Always jealous, always trying to get me in trouble, let her friends kick me or break my toys and torment me calling me names and bullying me. I've tried many times to sit and talk with her over many years and to make things positive between us but she can never seem to follow through on her end. I also had a severe medical condition that I was also in and out of the hospital for which she didn't care about even tho I almost died a few times which my then bf now husband can't forgive her for caring more about where a game set was to play with her bf at the time then that I was unconscious in his arms going to the hospital. 
Fast forward some years. My sister dates/married a drug addict, that she was very much aware of his history from the beginning (and even covered for him seeing nothing wrong with it) when he relapsed bc "it wasn't our business".  She put my son in danger several times from his birth to a yr old bc of this guy even after multiple attempts for us to reach out. 
Fast forward again, my mom divorced my dad & now lives with me out of state. I'm about to have my 3rd child. My husband doesn't like my dad or my sister still & doesn't want them around. I have told my dad & sister she is not welcome here. My dad wants to visit after the baby & said he was going to bring her with him if she could get off work bc she wants to see my mom and the kids and me. WHAT?!?! Just like nothing's ever happened. No is that ok with u questions... & as if I've never said my relationship with her was over and to stop forcing it. She even keeps texting me which I have not responded to ever. Are they delusional?! 
Anyways, what do I do? What do I say? She's been given many chances and is not welcome in my life or my children's anymore. If she wants to see my mom fine but my mom can go to her hotel and they can go out they don't have to be at my house but I don't see her not showing up if she came so far. My dad I can handle but he's terrible with kids, so it would be when my husband is at work or on a business trip, but with my mom around I c conflicts & if she's with my sis I'm with a newborn & two toddlers less than 3 all by myself. Ugh 😪