Jealous brother in law and his wife.


Sorry for the long story.

My brother in law and his wife started trying via <a href="">IVF</a> to have a child. They thought because we weren't having our second and it had been four years since our first, that we were done. They never told us they were trying. They wanted the youngest.

We had been trying for three and a hlaf years with no luck. One day, I heard what my son had been praying for for the past two months. He prayed for a sister. So my husband and I tried harder. We found out we were pregnant and then my brother in law and his wife announced they were pregnant. 6 weeks ahead of me. Soon, we had to announce as well and they thought we planned this to happen. They told us that we stole their thunder.

Now they know they are having a girl. They have 'forbidden' us from having a girl now.

My bil's wife has asked me to have the baby shower with her. She says she doesn't know this side of the family and wanted to get more gifts off of who I know. But I was only allowed to have the diapers. She was going to take everything else. I told her no. I wouldn't have the baby shower with her. She is now furious.

This is all adding more drama and stress on me. I don't know how to deal with this situation and make it all stop. My bil is always calling my husband up and complaining about me. Like I should have known to keep my legs shut. We were done making babies so there was no use in having sex. That I was the one to ruin it all for them. I always ruin their plans. =( I just don't want to deal with it anymore.