Getting Discouraged (TMI)... Help

Julie • Hello! I am 26 yrs old & TTC first child with PCOS.
This is a bit lengthy but I need to vent. I've been TTC for about 3 years to no avail. Never a positive test, ever.. I have never been pregnant and I want more than anything to not only have a beautiful child to love but to also experience the feeling of conception and pregnancy. It's a beautiful thing... I cannot understand why my SO and I have yet to be blessed with a little one. Family is constantly on our backs "When are you two gonna give us a grand baby"... He will be 29 In April and I will be 27 in October. We are both nearing 30 and neither of us have ever had a child. It's something we both yearn for and dream about... But nothing ever comes of it. I also have pcos so, you ladies with pcos know how I feel. I did a second round of clomid in January while also taking Metformin. AF was due around beginning to mid February (no exact date since my periods are irregular anyways) but with the clomid I was hoping to have at least a semi- regular cycle. However, I'm on CD 57 now... No AF. I've been having a bit of a constipation problem for almost a month now... I can go to the bathroom but it's loose stool and I have to push more to use the bathroom. My abdominal area aches with a gassy pain on both sides and slight pressure in my uterine area. My back also has a dull ache most of the time and my nipples have started to get slight sharp pains occasionally. Not often but when I feel it is barely there and typically only happens if I'm laying on them. My stomach is also sometimes sore to the touch and I've started to get little bits of acne (typically only happens when I get AF) All of my urine tests are negative though... My doctor can't see me until April and I'm so discouraged right now.. I mean this is so tiring! Not knowing, and waiting so long only for a negative test... But your body wants to fool you... My body is being so weird, this is not like my body at all... I mean it could definitely just be a coincidence but... Why. Why does this have to happen to me!???