Baby movement.

Natosha • 💙JARW 2015 💜NLRW JAN. 2019

First, I'm sorry I know this has been covered previously I'm just not sure how or if you can search the previous posts.

So my cousin and I are both pregnant. We are due the same day give or take a day. We're 13+5. She told me she feels her baby moving. I asked her more about it because I've been told on here and by my doctor that you don't feel it for a little bit yet. When could one expect to feel the baby? Well I think I mean to ask how early with the first pregnancy. I'm not trying to tell her she is wrong. If she says she's feeling the baby, cool I'm happy for her. But I personally don't think that's what it is but as I said I'm not here to tell her any different. Just getting info for myself. Thank you.