Trying to conceive but very confused please help

Shalyn • I`m a young mother of an amazing girl! I met the live off my life going on close to two years ago!

My period is not due for 8 more days... I've been cramping and having extreme pain just like I'm on my period but I'm not this has been going on since my last menstrual cycle... I am trying to get pregnant I went to a walk in clinic yesterday and they told me that I had a UTI and gave me antibiotics but I don't think that's why I was having pain because this is been going on for a month now I did take a home pregnancy test just make sure of course it came back negative I was not surprised because my period was more than a week away but the past two days I have been feeling nauseous along with the cramps...

I have already ovulated and had sex every other day so I know it's not because I'm ovulating any advice???