Little itty-bitty Glow TTC contest - Winner Announced!

Gunce • Head of research at Glow. Unwilling infertility expert. 2 kids after 6 IVF treatments.

Congrats to Kristi! But I gotta tell you these were all fantastic! Thanks for participating! 


I just unearthed this box of Clearblue Pregnancy test (2 count). (Don't worry I checked - doesn't expire till 2016).

And I am going to ship it - first thing tomorrow - to the winner of today's contest. 

To win today's contest - please list one item that you think should be on there if Letterman were ever to create a "Top 10 ways you know you are trying to have a baby"

So as an example you might say: "#9. You feel an uncontrollable urge to pee on a stick every morning"  8-)

(You do not have to give the whole list - just one line out of it per comment, but you can enter as many as 10 comments.) 

The comment with the most likes will win this VERY special Pregnancy Test that I have embued with my good-vibe fertility omens and that has PROMISED me it is going to show up with 2 blue lines. It pinky swore.  

Let's get creative!!!!