Primal / paleo diet

Price • Together for over 13 years, married 6 years. After 3yrs ttc w/PCOS we finally have our son! now without trying we r pregnant with baby #2
Is anyone else with pcos change their diet to the primal or paleo diet and seen results? My husband and i started the paleo diet on nov 1st after i had some unexplained swelling of my legs with pitting edema. Since nov 1st i have lost 22 lbs and he has lost 34 lbs. I have noticed since changing my diet my periods have been regular every month. I have to get blood work in a few days to see if it has helped my insulin resistance and testosterone levels.. i cant wait to see what those say i hope this is working! Im sick of waiting for my bfp! We have been ttc for 3 years! Anyone else done this diet and it helped your pcos and got your bfp??