Baby shower situation

Sorry if this is badly written my iPhone likes to use auto correct and sorry if long too. 
My family friends are throwing me a baby shower and yesterday people were receiving their invites. I have nothing to do with the planning nor does my mother but we decided since I will be so huge having twins I prefer it in my mothers house. Anyways, I get a text from my university friend who is a good friend wanting to bring her daughter hate to say but has no manners and is spoiled and her mother whom I never met they have had a very rocky relationship. I was a taken back from the request and she asked with an attitude as well claiming she asked awhile back I don't recall plus I don't know your mother at all. I decided to ask my mother to keep the peace and my mother said it was quite rude and absolutely not since her friends are paying for it all. I just don't know how to tell her in a not rude way and don't want her to be upset and ruin our friendship. Thanks for reading.