on bed rest today :/

emily • me 38 :: DH 40 :: DS 2 :: TTC #2
So I had a slip and fall yesterday morning while getting ready for work. I fell hard straight down on my bum (not side or belly thank God!!). I was shaken up but assured my husband I was alright. I went to work and as the day progressed, I developed some back and pelvic pain and pressure. I wasn't bleeding and didn't have any cramping, but just got more uncomfortable by the end of the day. I went to L&D after work and my blood pressure was higher than usual and higher than they would've liked. I started having frequent BH so they did a contraction stress test. BH slowed down after fluids and my blood pressure returned to normal. Baby boy was fine and happy, but I was still pretty shaken up. My doctor ordered bed rest and a lot of fluids for the next few days. She also suggested to seriously consider starting leave now since I work busy, stressful, 10+ hour days and am on my feet a lot. My last day was planned as next Friday but it looks as though yesterday might've been my last. As a FTM I'm finding it hard to get out of work mode and get into Mommy mode, but in a way this accident may have been the literal kick in the butt to tell me to slow down and focus on my health and our little love's well-being. I'm hoping the next 3 weeks go by quickly, all I want to do is meet our son and hold him in my arms. I hope everyone else is starting to taking it easy as our babies will be here before we know it. Whether you're a FTM too or an experienced one, please remember that this really is the time we need to be selfish and know when to take a step back.  I have definitely learned that xoxo