What should I do?

Ryan • I`m a nanny for two great boys. I also like to draw in my free time and plan on going to art school in August.
Me and my husband have been TTC for two years with no luck. A lot of money has been spent on fertility meds and appointments. My husband says he wants kids but beer wants to be around the little ones. I'm a nanny for two young boys 2.5yrs and 8months. When the youngest was about 2mo he spit up everywhere when my husband was home. I cleaned up the baby and changed his clothes and he was crying and just wanted someone to comfort him. I asked my husband to hold him so I could clean up the mess. My husband acted like I was asking him to perform brain surgery on an ant. Then sat the kid on the couch and let him cry until I was done and could pick him back up. Now the kid is 8 mo and we had dinner with the family last night and I asked him to hold him while I made dinner and the family was busy with other stuff and he did basically the same thing. He acts like anyone under the age of 5 is gonna give him cooties or something. I guess what I'm asking is if I should continue the fertility treatments and ttc and hope that he is different when it's his kid not someone else's.