Tired of spoiled brats

Ok so yes this is a rant. 
I'm so sick of seeing people handed money because of there oh poor me situations that they have put themselves into and everyone else sees the need to bail them out....
Go fund is absolutely the worst
My parents never had things handed to them my dad has worked 2 jobs most of my childhood he has never been able to afford a new car my aunt just got people to give her money to buy one because she is a single mother of two sorry but her own doing....
My mom has many health conditions and has trouble sleeping he is a pastor and the church is financially not supporting him right now.... Other than house.... Everything keeps going wrong for my parents I help where I can but it makes me so mad to see people not care about my parents!!!
The members would never live like they are expecting him to live ugh so mad!!!
Ok sorry end rant! Other than to say if you wanna throw your money into some spoiled brat let me know first I'll give you my paypal you can help my parents out instead
26 year old married mother of 3 who is tired of seeing her parents work so hard and not be appreciated!!!!