SO having plans without you


I feel like I'm the only one that ever feels like this and i want to know if this is normal.

For some reason whenever my SO has plans (with friends or family) without me I don't like being stuck at home by myself. Of course I would rather be with him but I sometimes don't want to do what he's out doing but I do want plans of my own.

If he goes out and I'm stuck at home with no plans I get upset. Keep in mind, if I want some alone time I have no problem keeping myself occupied but if I know he's out having fun with his friends/family I want to be having fun with my friends/family as well.

An example of this was last weekend his family took a trip to a theme park for the day and I was supposed to have a girl's day/evening. My friend cancelled and I didn't want to go with my SO because the weather was bad and I didnt want to end up sick. So there I was home alone. I got really upset and felt let down every time he would say "the trip might get cancelled from the weather" or "we might come home early because of the weather" only for him to say nevermind and not come home until late.

Does anyone else get upset about stuff like this?