13+6 and 99% sure of the sex

Amanda • mommy of 4! 2 beautiful girls came 1st. then I got my 2 handsome boys forever 7 months and my rainbow baby!
We had to have genetic testing done due to an abnormal us everything came back ok for what they tested for! Thank you God! Also found out it seems we are having a BOY! daddy is soooooo excited cuz our 12 week scan looked like a girl already bought a few pink onsies haha I on the other hand am terrified of having a boy haha. Obviously I will love baby no matter of the sex. I have two daughters and a step son and I find the girls to be so much easier lol. We are so happy to know what we are having and know that all is well for now. Still have to have a ekg study on baby in a few months due to a spot on his heart but as long as that comes back no big issues we will hopefully have a healthy bouncing baby boy!