Finally got some answers!

Kara • 24yo Married Ttc 3 years unexplained infertility

Despite the outcome it is a relief to finally know that I am not crazy and do in fact have endometriosis. Over the last 4 years I have seen multiple doctors. All of which made me feel like the pain was in my head, nothing was wrong with me. They made me question everything I was feeling. But last month I made appointment with another doctor and he is amazing! The first thing he wanted to do was a diagnostic laparoscopy to check for the reason behind all the issues. He answered all my quetions, broke down the information so my husband understood as well. All in all an amazing obgyn! Not even a specialist for i paid $300 for a office visit asked me what this new dr did.

Today was my surgery and he did indeed find endometriosis, and lasered off some tissue that was probably a pain factor. So yes I have Endometriosis, yes there is no cure, and maybe its crazy to be relieved that he found something but now we know and I am one step closer to a possible BFP.