Packing Baby's Diaper bag

My husband & I are getting ready to move to an apartment in about a week or so, so I've pretty much gotten the diaper bag packed for when I go into labor in a few months (I'm exactly 22 weeks along today). Hubby & I don't know how big our son will be when he is born (hubby & I were both small babies), so I packed a couple of outfits (one in the preemie size, the other in the newborn size, a couple of ready-made bottles of formula since I'm not breastfeeding, a couple of burp cloths, a pack of boogie wipes, a pack of wipes, & several diapers in both newborn & size 1. Is there anything else that I need to put in the diaper bag? We do live in California & I'm due a couple of days after 4th of July, so it will be hot.