Anyone test positive on a fetal fibronectin test? fFn?

I was cramps yesterday so I called the doc and they had me go in. She checked me said I'm long, thick and closed. She also did a fFn test. She told me if it comes back positive their is a chance I can go into preterm labor as early as the next two weeks. She said they would give me 2 steroid shots to boost the babies lung development since I'm only 25weeks. She hooked me up to the monitor I wasn't having any contractions and the baby has a healthy strong heartbeat. I meet with the doc again today for my second shot and I have a ton of questions for him. The nurse also told me that I could carry the baby full time and have to be induced at 42 weeks. I just want to lee her in for at least another 8 weeks! I'm scared to death, thinking that thier is something I could have done differntly. Is anyone else going through the same thing or has gone through it? I really need some support from others.