My body has lost its mind....

Jessica • 💑2014* 👧2017* TTC 2018*

Hey ladies.....

So my body has completely lost its mind. I'm on CD 16 today, 3/7. I've been taking opks twice a day since CD 13 (1/day b4 starting CD 8). I still haven't gotten a positive opk.

On 3/5 I woke up an hour late to take my bbt and it was really high, like a degree higher than usual. On 3/6 I woke up 2 hours early and got distracted by some things for my husband. I took it at the right time but I'd already been awake for 2 hours. Again it was really high, but lower than the day b4. I discarded both of those in Fertility Friend as being wrong because of my mistakes.

Today I took it at the right time, right everything and it was approximately the same as yesterday, again really high.

My cervix yesterday(3/6) was Perfect. Very high, very soft, very open. Today it's still high and fairly soft but it is more closed.

I've had a ton of watery cm up until 3/6. On 3/6 it was creamy? I read online this could be the stage b4 ewcm, so I took some Mucinex to help thin it out. Today there's barely any and it's sticky. So I don't know wth to think! Did I ovulate already and I missed the surge, is ovulation still pending?

I did use crappy opks this cycle until CD 14 (3/5) when I started using CB digital, so maybe they didn't work?

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