Right..... Rant

So let me make sense of something... 
🌵A "good" friend of mine went through some stuff right? I was there for her through everything, been there through the abuse, mood swings, etc. 
🌵But when I go through something I'm taking hard... This "good" friend cuts all communication and let's me go through this all by myself, knowing what I'm going through... 
🌵But if I did this to the "good" friend they'd think I'm the worse. Since it's not this "good" friend going through this, it's not their buisness to comfort me as I did with this "good" friend. 
🌵So I hope you got what you needed. Because you pissed me off. I had no support from anyone. I cried myself to sleep every night and woke up early every morning to go to the hospital. 
🌵You're a terrible friend and I hope you know that you are insensitive, selfish, drama queen who always wants attention. And I'm done playing these games with you. You've really disappointed me.