so alone.

My family doesn't speak to me and they don't agree with me being pregnant because I'm not good enough for anything and I'm gonna fail. Got in a huge fight with my bf and he said "I don't want that. I never wanted another baby" I broke down and started crying, I don't know if he said it out of anger or what but that's something you don't say. I never asked him how he felt when I told him I was pregnant, I actually didn't think I had to. I feel stuck because at first I was so ready to give up this baby and now I can't. I have no money, no income, not working, and living house to house. I'm in my second trimester and I have extremely bad health issues. Idk what to do. Of course you'll all say leave him but what does that have to do with my baby. What can I do? It's hard to get any assistance with my state.