My Birth Story! ( it's a long one!)

Amanda • After ttc for over a year, we finally did it! Weeoo! Baby#1 due March 25!
I went in on a Monday, March 2, for a blood pressure check, where my doctor informed me I needed to get to the hospital. My boyfriend rushed home from work and we went in, and waited and waited for about 8 hours, until they came, checked my cervix and said I would start being induced in the morning. My blood pressure had reached 165/106!! We got some rest and headed back for 7:00am to
Start a round of cervidol, which after about 4 hours put me into the first stages of labour. I got to go home that night, feeling pretty gross, but back first thing the next morning for another round of cervidol ( yay,not!) which started within about an hour. Within 4, I was in a lot of pain and very irritated. The doctor came in and told me my cervix was at 3cm only. I stayed the night in the hospital to start a drip to induce labour the next morning. I assumed this would have slowly taken a bit to kick in, I was wrong. By about hour 4, I was in dry heaving,hunched over, uncomfortable, full blown labour. The doctor came and broke my water. What an awkward gush! This feeling continues on until Friday at 12:45, where I had been given morphine the day before and still feeling the side effecta from, I was sick, had bad chills and couldn't stop shaking. My body was telling me to stop. My cervix hadn't changed and we opted for a c-section. I was rushed down there, in and out of consciousness, shaking, and very unaware, but in good hands. They did the spinal 3 times and after the 3rd, my legs went numb. 
With my boyfriend by my side, we delivered a 7lb2oz baby boy at 1:35pm on Friday March 6,2015. He was rushed to the nicu before I could see him, and I was taken to get cared for. He is still there now, and I am just across the hall from him. He's slowly putting on more weight and has an iv with antibiotics to treat infections. He is such a trooper!! I am so proud of him, he was totally worth everything that we all endured, and I would do it all over again in a heart beat!