Mikala • I have an amazing 8 year old daughter and 7 year old son and two step sons and currently expecting bio baby in September
How early did other mothers who carried multiples find out they were having multiple? I had a sonogram at 5 weeks because I have health issues my doctors are concerned about, we didn't see much of a baby and couldn't hear the heartbeat but the ultrasound tech said the heartbeat was beating healthy and strong! My OBGYN said everything was on track, unfortunately I have yet to make it back in I've had 4 cancelled appointments do to ice/snow/ my 4 children being sick and getting myself sick! My worry here is I'm in my second trimester now and still getting morning sickness multiple times a day, now I know women can get sick throughout their entire pregnancy for no reason at all and every pregnancy is different but I didn't get sick at all with my son and only got sick for about a month in my first trimester with my daughter! Anyone else experience something similar?