I'm 8 days past ovulation got a bfn 2 days ago tomorrow morning when should I test again??

Brittany • Happily married stay at home mother of 3
Hi ladies I'm new to this glow app this is my second month using glow I got a bfn pregnancy test yesterday morning two morning ago by tomorrow morning at 7:15 am and I'm having a lot of pregnancy symptoms me and my husband our trying to conceive since mid January this year so two months now I'm very regular with my cycles there every 24-25 on the dot and last month my af was kinda off and weird to me it was only two days except for spotting included my af is due March 15 th I'm nauseous all the time not horribly just mild but gets worse after eat and comes and goes off and on having a lot of cramping last 5 days a lot more head and neck aches but I do have a history of migraines and I got a pinched nerve in my neck so I'm not sure if that counts my cm is a lot a lot more this month really thick white creamy al ata tired etc when do you ladies think I should test again I can't wait for me and my husband to conceive we had a miscarriage last June and it wasn't easy I'm just praying this is the month af don't show and we get to have one more child comments please thanks ladies