Need advise??

Kayliegh • Engaged to the love of my life ❤️ Pregnant with baby #2 after 3 m/c 👶🏼🍼👣
My history: have a 4year old daughter & have had 4 m/c in the last 12months. 
I had my most recent m/c on the 30th of January 2015 at around 6&a half weeks. I was told as usual to take a pregnancy test around 2-3weeks later, so I did and the second line on the test was barley there wich I was told is normal just my hormones slowly going down. It had been 5weeks since my m/c and I still hasn't gotten my period (usually I have gotten my period within 4weeks) and is started to feel like crap, tired, moody, sore boobs ect.. so I took another test expecting it to be negative but it instantly came up with 2lines. I have since taken another test (at 5pm last night) and instantly got 2 DARK lines! The darkest I've ever had on a test before. Wich makes me think that maybe I could have been carrying twins and when I had my m/c I lost one and the other stayed? Only because this m/c was different to my others I passed the baby within a couple of hours after I started bleeding and didn't pass any other clots just went on to have like a period... & Also the lines seem too dark to only be around 3weeks pregnant (if this is a new pregnancy). I don't know what to think and I can't work out my dates because I haven't had a period since my m/c & never knew it was possible to conceive so soon after. Got an appointment with my doctor on Friday night. Any advice welcome. Thanks x - test with pink lid was the 1st test, under it is the one from last night. X