Anyone else have this IUD problem?

I had my copper IUD "installed" in October of 2012. No issues whatsoever until about a year later - I started to bleed after sex. Right before or after my period. Not every time, but several times. Then certain sexual positions become painful - not fun.
I had an ultrasound, and the doctor said my IUD had moved down so low that it's now in my cervix and no longer offering me adequate protection. She said I need to get it out and either get a new one or do something else. I really don't want to go back on the pill (it took me a year and a half after going off of it to get my skin under control), but when I asked if this could happen again once I get my new one, she said possibly - and I don't want to have to get a new IUD every two years because my uterus keeps pushing it down. 
I guess my questions are - has anyone had an IUD put in more than once? Does
It hurt more or less? Does it hurt taking it out? What would YOU do in this situation?