Bad brother in law and his wife.


A while back, I pinned a lot of baby nursery themes to my pinterest. Later I realized they weren't secret and made a secret board.

My brother in law and his wife are expecting 6 weeks ahead of me. His wife got on pinterest and took ALL the ideas she could see on my pinterest and is decorating their nursery those themes next week. She is doing fairy/ disney princess theme. I am doing a fairy theme. She was only doing disney princess until I put up fairy themed stuff.

I feel like I want to be so separated from them. They copycat everything we do. But they make sure they are first at decorating so they can say I copy catted them. =(

What should I do to get them to stop? This has been going on for years. And trust me, it isn't to be closer to me or have things in common. I have literally heard my brother in law tell my husband to keep me on a leash because I was copying them.