Tmi- anyone else go through this?

So recently I had a cyst on the inner labia which went away on its own. It was no where near area with hair so it wasn't an ingrown hair. (Thank you pregnancy hormones!) Over the weekend I got another one near the site of the last one and and the doctor said it was a furuncle (painful and gross to say the least!) he went on to start me on antibiotics since this is recurring and has happened twice in the last month. 
My concern was when they tested my urine that day he said it showed protein and a lot of sugar. He was uncertain if it was from the infected cyst or not but now I'm afraid of getting GD and preeclampsia since I was "borderline" both in my last pregnancy.  
Anyone go through this and it was an isolated incident? I'm freaking out. (BTW i do see him again in two weeks and we will repeat the urine and have bloodwork) Thanks in advance!