Parenting and SO's

We have a 4yo daughter who is mine from a previous relationship (her bio was never around) and we've been married nearly a year. We were raised COMPLETELY differently and not just the common differences between girls and boys growing up. Lately we've had a really hard time because I had her for nearly 3 years by myself and it's difficult to change my parenting, but I feel for the most part I'm open to working on it. I sometimes wake 3 times a night or more and just quickly check on her. We used to live in a bad city and shared a room just her and I. Tonight hubby took it so far as to saying I don't have an identity outside of her and everything I am is her and also I'm a neurotic hover parent. I was barley 20 when I had her, I dropped college and she became my life. Also I lost most of my friends because I didn't have a abortion (I'm mot sad about that at all) and haven't really found any close friends other than a couple of other single parents. Do y'all think I'm just overreacting and he's right? Do I need to change my ways drastically before I damage my daughter's ability to self-soothe and cope?