The loss of a child

2 woman I know lost their babies this week. One was 33 weeks with twins. One didn't make it. The other was 27 weeks and her little angel was born and took a few breaths and then gone. I feel so terrible for these ladies. My heart aches for them. I know going that far in a pregnancy to have it taking from them is the worse feeling any mother can go through. But been made feel like an early loss is something that doesn't deserve any  thought is also terrible. I know I was somewhat lucky not to have to go thought all that. But making me feel like my loss was nothing because I didn't get to feel my baby kick or give birth is not ok. And I'm not talking about the poor mothers who lost their little angels. I'm on about everybody else. When you MC early people expect you to get over it. Move on. Try again. They don't feel that people can be so upset, or need to grieve their loss . Every loss is different. Some worse then others but it doesn't make your loss any different to you. I'm so sick of my 2 MC been ignored all because they were between the 4-8 week mark. Peoples words can hurt. They choose to ignored your pain because you didn't get to a certin point in your pregnant. Well I lost 2! I am heart broken. I don't think my losses should be ignored because some people choose to ignore the fact that I was pregnant and I'm not know. It's still fresh for me. I still get upset. I'm not trying to be disrespectful to mothers who have lost their babies. No matter how far along you were, you had a loss. And I'm deeply sorry for you. I'm just feeling like the people around me either don't care, or don't understand. Sorry for ranting on. I just needed to get everything off my chest before I explode at  the narrow minded people in my life.