Cycle buddy anyone? AF due 4/6.

Hi, I'm Sara. This is my 3rd month TTC for baby number 2. Cycle length seems to be 22 days. My periods have just started regulating, due to getting off of birth control. I just had another 2 day light period/spotting on the correct day that cycle was supposed to start (March 14), so I'm hoping that I can start correctly tracking. I'm using OPK's once to twice daily, as well as using this app to track Ovulation. I have a 5 year old, boy. It took 2 months of trying when I got pregnant with my son, as well, so I'm hoping it is quick again, this time around. 😉 My husband has been in the Navy for 8 years, but we are currently stationed in my hometown of Pensacola, FL. Been married almost 6 years. I'm 27 years old. I finished school in October 2014 w/ a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Although, I am still career searching, and working as a bartender, full-time, for now, on the beach here, in Pensacola, Florida. That's enough about me, though! Anyone else wanna help me out here and post their life story, lol? I don't really know what all I'm supposed to write.