Flashbacks of taking pregnancy tests👶

So of course the most convenient pregnancy tests are from the dollar tree! It's always funny to think back to the day your peeing in a cup and taking the little dropper to put the pee in the hole on the test😝( for those familiar with the dollar store tests lol) well 5 tests and lots of yeah right im just seeing two lines I finally believed the tests☺️ I found out at 5 weeks and I'm currently 9w + 5d. It's just crazy to think two people can create a precious life.👶 my pregnancy wasn't planned but I'm blessed because I know there are women who can't conceive or have lots of trouble conceiving😢 But to everyone on here that's trying to conceive lots of baby dust and good luck!☺️👶💕 COMMENT YOUR STORIES OF BECOMING PREGNANT OR FINDING OUT😊😊👶