Unnecessary Cramping?!?

McKenzie • Expecting TWINS, married 2 years, faith in God, heart stolen by my sweet 4 yr. Old daughter Samantha, Baby A is a BOY💙 and Baby B is a GIRL❤
As soon as I woke up this morning everything just hit me, but one thing I feel will never leave me alone.CRAMPS. Why, everyday is worse sometimes I get worried, my docotor says it won't last long but it feels like forever I'm so impatient about it, then another problem I tell my husband qbout it and he tells me well if you're doctor can't do anything about it what amkes you think I can and I have to beg him to do something for me sometimes he just does it out of the blue. Somedays he wants me and wants to do anything to make me feel good other days he'll stay out with his brothers and his stupid friend all day and come home late at night, what should I do?